New and vigorous beginnings come with new energy and hope.  Hope that the future will be better and brighter even if there are hard times to begin with.  We at Thorn Grove Schools, are extremely excited as we go through another milestone in the growth of our School.

We have come a long way from the early humble beginning of our school – in a rented car garage, to the present day environment.  We had a dream that one day we will provide children with a state of the art learning institution where children will acquire knowledge and be equipped with values of hard work, honesty, discipline and determination to achieve; a Centre of excellence in provision of quality education through efficient services and good facilities.  We want to be not just a school, but a moulder of an all-round future Kenyan Citizen.  The start was rocky with so many challenges, but at this particular moment we look back and are proud that God has brought us this far.

We wish to dedicate this day with thanks giving to our God, as we celebrate the achievement of class 8 of 2015 and the hard work by our teachers and even non-teaching staff.  For years we planned and worked hard to achieve a goal of getting a child to score 400 marks and above.  This goal proved hard until last year when we reached and passed this goal.  Class 8 of year 2015 did us proud.  Not only did they pass this goal, they passed it convincingly.  We had two girls getting 422 and 411 marks respectively and a mean score of 383, making us number five school in the whole sub-county.

We wish to thank all our parents who have helped us through this journey in every way possible.  Your continued loyalty and dedication has not been in vain nor did it go un-noticed.

Thorn Grove School will continue to provide high quality service to our pupils in a friendly environment that is highly conducive to learning.  We encourage you to talk or visit us whenever possible.


Capt. King’ori