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Thorn grove schools
Our school is past Milimani area of Kitengela Town, in a tranquil environment with adequate facilities that will ensure growth and personal development of every student in the school. The school is dedicated to helping parents and guardians fulfill the important responsibility of educating their children.

Talented teachers and leaders join the School because they sense the hope and energy of those who are driven, passionate, and determined. Parents recognize the special spirit of our school and students are excited to be part of schools where they are encouraged to take on new challenges, to explore new concepts, and to become people of character.

Motto: consistent study and discipline. We believe that in the absence of discipline, no learning can take place.

Vision: we endeavor to become a centre of excellence in provision of quality education through efficient services and facilities.

Mission: to provide a holistic quality education to the children equipping them with knowledge, practical skills and Christian moral values necessary for service of God and humanity

The school started on 15th January 1999 as a pre-school in a rented converted car garage. It has steadily grown from this to a full day and boarding primary school with modern facilities on its own land.

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